3 Steps towards Reinvention

I’ve spent the month of January thinking about how to rebrand Sewn Square One. While I am continuously happy with the quality, design, and instructional material that comes with every Sewn Square One apparel pattern I haven’t been as happy with our website design, blog platform, promotional materials or social media presence. The amount of information out there about creating a brand is incredible–my bookmarks tab had to get an organizational overhaul–but what of this applies to Sewn? I have work to do. Let’s begin.

Maybe we should talk about what I do like re: the first 38 days of 2014:

1. Sewn Square One patterns are now for sale on PatternReview.com! This will be a highlight for this year I know–the store went up today and we filled our first order while it was still being set up. Incredible! If you are not currently a PatternReview.com member I highly recommend it–it’s an amazing community of sewers, so inspiring and informative. P.S. From Feb 16-March 15 there is a “New to Me” Pattern Company Contest. You make a pattern from a company you’ve never tried before and enter the final garment for a vote by members.

2. I restored our Etsy site. I am still learning the ins and outs of SEO and the magic of key words but I have the store set up and will continue to mess with it (and practice a positivity!).

3. WordPress–here we go!


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