Month: March 2014

Gauze Maxi Dress

Spring was here for 2 days in the Pacific Northwest–and sewing when it’s sunny goes from excruciating to really enjoyable depending on if I’m in an outdoor mood or a homebody mood. Homebody generally out weighs the outdoors but balance seems to be the key to sanity. I am currently preoccupied with making a maxi dress in white gauze using a pattern by the company “Named” called the Kielo Wrap Dress–hopefully posting a picture of it tomorrow–but making a mood board always seems to take unnecessary priority. A little SPRING/SUMMER! inspiration!


maxi dressed via Anthropologie, painting by Rothko, Marni lounge chair


(I can’t believe I left this post in the draft section of my dashboard when I thought that it had been published weeks ago!)

That said–Sewn Square One was recently featured on’s blog and has had such a wonderful time becoming a part of the Pattern Review community, we are now a merchant of Pattern Review as well!

This is the article: “Behind the Scenes Interview with Sewn Square One”. Alexis asked great questions–I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

This is the link of all of the amazing sewers who have made Sewn Square One patterns and taken the time to review them (PS Thank You!): Sewn Square One patterns reviewed

One more link: did a contest (today is the last day to vote!) called “New to Me Pattern Company” where participants make and review a pattern from a company they have never used before. A member reviewed and submitted her Go-Anywhere Dress and it looks great on her! Link: “New to Me Pattern Company” Contest

Fabric Find: “Emma One Sock” Prints


I am madly in love with every piece of fabric on Emma One Sock. Even though I usually need to see a fabric in person, the more I learn about fabrics and the more I know what I like to work with (natural fibers!) I am becoming able to find success with online fabric sources. I am currently pushing myself to mix prints, without going to far outside my comfort zone, keeping a base of neutrals (the black and white) or patterns that look like neutrals from a distance (the yarn dyed woven below).

2014-03-20 09.09.17

2014-03-20 09.12.46

Below is a swatch card of some of things that I didn’t purchase but really wanted to. Emma One Sock will send you up to 5 free swatches!

2014-03-20 09.18.52


Patchwork seems to be a street style trend and why not–it can be as easy or difficult as you would like to make it and can be added to already existing items. I think that a patchwork project over Spring Break (countdown: 3 days) might be the perfect thing to ease me into my first quilt. Last May I purchased an amazing quilt pattern from Carolyn Friedlander and have not yet begun to enter the head space where a quilt even seems possible. But I know it is. In the meantime, a little inspiration.


Images via WSGN

It’s a process.


For the past year and a half (quarter 5 is almost over!), I have been a student of the Apparel Design and Development program at Seattle Central Community College. It is by far the best decision that I have ever made. The program is a mix of design, construction, pattern drafting/grading, and learning a lot of computer programs! Quarter 6, the final quarter, is based around designing 3 ready-to-wear looks for an end of year portfolio show (to be held Tue. June 17, 2014). My goal is to keep a diary of sorts, posted on the blog, of what goes on as my “line” is developed. I will hopefully be able to find the time to talk to fellow students about their design processes as well. It will prove to be an incredible journey I’m sure!

Good things to come! Learn more about the program and see past student’s work here:

“Seams Like A Natural Fit”

An amazing mentor and friend, Lorraine Torrence (the original founder of Sewn Square One) recently started a new company, “Seams Like A Natural Fit” offering creative clothing and fitting seminars around the United States. I had the chance to sit in on one of her creative clothing classes on a smaller scale a few years ago. The amount of inspiration, talent, and feedback given during the class by Lorraine and by her students made for a great experience. Additionally, she is partnering with Emily Robertson Hood, who has years of experience in fitting, having previously worked for top apparel companies and the renowned fit company, Alvanon.

If you are looking for guidance regarding fitting and making your own pieces of art as clothing–I highly recommend Lorraine and Emily as teachers.

Below are the patterns being used for the “Seams Like a Natural Fit” Japanese Fabric Workshop in La Conner, WA in late March.

Crossroads Jacket  Pacific Rim Coat/VestTalk of The TownKimono Jacket and Vest

Crossroads Jacket                Pacific Rim Coat/Vest         Talk of the Town             Kimono Jacket and Vest

PS During an internship I was able to sit in on a 2-day seminar given by representatives from Alvanon and they are definitely a company to watch if you are interested in fit on the retail and consumer level.