It’s a process.


For the past year and a half (quarter 5 is almost over!), I have been a student of the Apparel Design and Development program at Seattle Central Community College. It is by far the best decision that I have ever made. The program is a mix of design, construction, pattern drafting/grading, and learning a lot of computer programs! Quarter 6, the final quarter, is based around designing 3 ready-to-wear looks for an end of year portfolio show (to be held Tue. June 17, 2014). My goal is to keep a diary of sorts, posted on the blog, of what goes on as my “line” is developed. I will hopefully be able to find the time to talk to fellow students about their design processes as well. It will prove to be an incredible journey I’m sure!

Good things to come! Learn more about the program and see past student’s work here:


Final 5

2014-02-21 13.42.05

I’ve been thinking of applying for the Urban Craft Uprising summer show in Seattle. Every time I attend this show I have a great time, get to know new companies, and am taken with how many people are so dedicated to the craft world. There is so much variety and levels of growth, you just feel like like you’ve stepped into a growing, thriving community and you have!

With this in mind, I took pictures of a few of my favorite sample garments for Sewn Square One’s application this afternoon. Only 5 pictures are allowed and I think that the one below with the patterns also displayed will be one of the final 5 for sure.

2014-02-21 13.48.11

3 Steps towards Reinvention

I’ve spent the month of January thinking about how to rebrand Sewn Square One. While I am continuously happy with the quality, design, and instructional material that comes with every Sewn Square One apparel pattern I haven’t been as happy with our website design, blog platform, promotional materials or social media presence. The amount of information out there about creating a brand is incredible–my bookmarks tab had to get an organizational overhaul–but what of this applies to Sewn? I have work to do. Let’s begin.

Maybe we should talk about what I do like re: the first 38 days of 2014:

1. Sewn Square One patterns are now for sale on! This will be a highlight for this year I know–the store went up today and we filled our first order while it was still being set up. Incredible! If you are not currently a member I highly recommend it–it’s an amazing community of sewers, so inspiring and informative. P.S. From Feb 16-March 15 there is a “New to Me” Pattern Company Contest. You make a pattern from a company you’ve never tried before and enter the final garment for a vote by members.

2. I restored our Etsy site. I am still learning the ins and outs of SEO and the magic of key words but I have the store set up and will continue to mess with it (and practice a positivity!).

3. WordPress–here we go!