Citrus Spring


Most images via Another Magazine


Gauze Maxi Dress

Spring was here for 2 days in the Pacific Northwest–and sewing when it’s sunny goes from excruciating to really enjoyable depending on if I’m in an outdoor mood or a homebody mood. Homebody generally out weighs the outdoors but balance seems to be the key to sanity. I am currently preoccupied with making a maxi dress in white gauze using a pattern by the company “Named” called the Kielo Wrap Dress–hopefully posting a picture of it tomorrow–but making a mood board always seems to take unnecessary priority. A little SPRING/SUMMER! inspiration!


maxi dressed via Anthropologie, painting by Rothko, Marni lounge chair


Patchwork seems to be a street style trend and why not–it can be as easy or difficult as you would like to make it and can be added to already existing items. I think that a patchwork project over Spring Break (countdown: 3 days) might be the perfect thing to ease me into my first quilt. Last May I purchased an amazing quilt pattern from Carolyn Friedlander and have not yet begun to enter the head space where a quilt even seems possible. But I know it is. In the meantime, a little inspiration.


Images via WSGN


Whenever I am trying to design something “new” I always gather inspiration from garments that already exist. I have a belief that even if I were trying to copy something stitch for stitch it would always end up looking completely different from the pre-existing garment. This may be lack of focus on my part but I think that it could just the evolution of a garment along the way. Regardless, a challenge for me arises with school assignments in which inspiration image pages are called for containing “mostly non-fashion images.” I find myself taking the easy way out with these images and googling the word “mist” or similar. Today, I tried to apply myself more to this part of the process–granted I did leave finding my inspiration images for the very last part of my portfolio (phase one). However, I particularly like the following where I mixed in fabric textures.


Re: Aesthetic Take 2

I recently came across these images of the ASOS Spring campaign on WGSN and while I am not inclined to use the pastel backdrop I just love the models’ poses. They look just so content and carefree in their clothing–just perfect for a pattern cover. These dresses would also be really fun to make–I’m especially inclined to want the yellow and white one for myself!


Re: Aesthetic

I have recently become preoccupied with the idea of having a new photograph taken for the cover of our Triple Play Top pattern. This will be pretty straightforward, but what I’m really looking forward to is additional pictures of the samples with more movement and representation of the blouse as a garment that has just been created. I love when look books have super saturated colors as the backdrops of the clothing. It instantly brightens and creates a sense of joy. Inspiration below:







Photos above via Tory Burch Resort 2012