What’s Happening This Week


This event is extending past this week, but it’s what I have been doing so far! Located in Pike Place Market in Seattle, the 2014 graduates have converted a retail space into a display showcase for some of our “final line” garments. It has been fun so far, meeting a lot of people who are visiting Seattle and people who are simply trying to find a bathroom 🙂

More info about the School of Apparel Design & Development here

Next up, a Fashion Illustration class is being offered at Seattle Central College during Summer Quarter, it starts June 30th and I think that this may be the perfect creative outlet while I am online for hours applying for jobs 😦


Speaking of Fashion Illustrations if you haven’t checked out the collaboration that blogger Garance Dore has done with Rifle Paper Co., I would certainly do so! It perfectly showcases Garance’s simple/chic illustrations on notepads, stationary, and cases. My all inclusive Rifle Paper Co. order completed my shopping for two birthdays and one wedding. Done.



Focus on Fiber

I came across this via WGSN a few months ago and wish that this thread was available.
I want to know exactly what these gloves feel like to wear and if they would last forever!
Coil and stainless steel wire cut-resistant glove. Composition: 100% stainless steel
Image via WGSN.com, Supplier: Immatec 

“Seams Like A Natural Fit”

An amazing mentor and friend, Lorraine Torrence (the original founder of Sewn Square One) recently started a new company, “Seams Like A Natural Fit” offering creative clothing and fitting seminars around the United States. I had the chance to sit in on one of her creative clothing classes on a smaller scale a few years ago. The amount of inspiration, talent, and feedback given during the class by Lorraine and by her students made for a great experience. Additionally, she is partnering with Emily Robertson Hood, who has years of experience in fitting, having previously worked for top apparel companies and the renowned fit company, Alvanon.

If you are looking for guidance regarding fitting and making your own pieces of art as clothing–I highly recommend Lorraine and Emily as teachers.

Below are the patterns being used for the “Seams Like a Natural Fit” Japanese Fabric Workshop in La Conner, WA in late March.

Crossroads Jacket  Pacific Rim Coat/VestTalk of The TownKimono Jacket and Vest

Crossroads Jacket                Pacific Rim Coat/Vest         Talk of the Town             Kimono Jacket and Vest

PS During an internship I was able to sit in on a 2-day seminar given by representatives from Alvanon and they are definitely a company to watch if you are interested in fit on the retail and consumer level.