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Wrapping up Sewing Indie Month!

Yesterday was the last day for Sewing Indie Month blog events (the contests are still running for just a little bit longer). I was lamenting the fact that I did not find time to read many of the posts, so I decided to take a moment and find a few great blog posts from Sewing Indie Month collaborators to highlight here (and then back to schoolwork):

This post from SBCC Patterns: Zero Waste done by Soma Patterns”

A really cool concept that I know takes a lot of time to get just right. When making a garment fabric usage is so important, saving the consumer money, saving the world from waste, a worthwhile challenge for sure. 

Tutorial for Maria Denmark Pattern by Pauline Alice: “Sewing Leather: The Paula Pleat Skirt”

This post surprised me in that these concepts definitely apply to the tricky fabrics that I am trying to bond with currently, outerwear fabrics that puncture easily, and quilt lines that sometimes need to be taped in the seam allowances to encourage them to stop unraveling already! Also I think that this is a very timely post; it’s exciting the varieties of real and faux leather available right now. So many colors, weights, and awesome embossed varieties. I remember when it was just very authentic (too authentic in some cases) and not the fun fashion leather I am loving right now. 

By Hand London: “An interview with the Garmenter” 

I love reading these companies individual blog posts so I’m glad the two were paired up to do an interview! Julia of the Garmenter always has the perfect print for what she is sewing. As someone who loves prints and loves metallics but wears a mix of solid black and grey every day–I can totally relate to her comments.